Plumeria Care - Rust Fungus.

Plumeria Rust Fungus
Some growers had problems with Rust fungus this year. Fortunately it is not a plant killer, but you should keep your eye out for this one. It can spread to other plants and get out of control if you have a bunch.

You can determine if your Plumeria have Rust disease by looking at the back of the leaves. If there are yellow, orange or reddish-brown powdery pustules then you have positively identified the fungus. The spores produced in these pustules are transported by wind or rain to healthy plants nearby. This will cause new infections to spread.

Rust Fungus does not kill Plumeria plants, but can cause leaves to brown and wither.

How to Control Plumeria Rust Fungus...

1. Remove all of the fallen leaves near your plants as well as other debris.

2. Take infected leaves and dispose into trash bags.

3. Mild outbreaks can be controlled by anti-fungal sprays.

4. Larger outbreaks may require removal of leaves.

Hope these tips keep your Plumeria happy and healthy next year.

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Hi, Good first season here in Ohio with my trees. One got to bloom a bit before the cooler weather. The other two look great! They were easy to grow!! Your directions were easy to follow for success. Thanks again for providing such great plants and such EASY directions! Becky in Ohio.

Just a note to let you know how happy I am with my purchase. Your Plumeria are the best that I have ever purchased. I am so sorry that I did not know about you sooner. I will ONLY be buying from your wonderful company. I just wanted you to know that you have an absolutely delighted customer in California! I can't thank you enough! Warm regards, Robyn

Aloha: I received the two boxes whit my order today. They were in great shape when they arrived and are already planted. I've ordered from other places and they have never arrived in such great shape. They look like they weren't even in the box overnight. I'm sure some of the leaves will fall off in a day or two, but the roots are well established and I can't wait to see the blooms in a year or so. I have grown Plumeria that I've brought back from Hawaii for many years and I love the plants. I will certainly order from you again in the future. I've attached a few pictures of the ones I have blooming now. Cheryl 
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