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Plumeria Cuttings and Rooted Plumeria Cuttings For Sale

Singapore PlumeriaSingapore - Rooted Plant - Well known evergreen Plumeria with dark green glossy leaves and well branching habit. Flowers average 7.5 cm ( 3") in diameter, pure white with yellow center. Leaves: beautiful dark green. Strong Frangipani fragrance!

$28.00 Single Tip

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Sheer Beauty Plumeria Sheer Beauty - Rooted Plant - White with yellow and pink 3"-3.5" flowers. Overlapping petals white and yellow with pink areas along margin, backside creamy yellow with red bands. Light to medium green leaves with long pointed tips. Very strong citrus fragrance. Our biggest seller!

$39.00 Single Tip

Sold Out

Slaughter PinkSlaughter Pink Plumeria - Rooted Cutting - Large pink and white flowers with yellow-orange center of 3" to 3.5'" ( 7.5 to 9 cm ) in diameter. Petals separated, narrow and reflexed. Fragrance: medium to strong, sweet fragrance with a hint of Citrus Good keeping quality.

Single Tip $28.00

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P. Stenopetala PlumeriaStenopetala Plumeria - Rooted Plant - The leaves are very long and thin. The flower petals of P. Stenopetala are also very long (around 4 in) and thin and have a large gap between each petal. This is a small tree whose branches are somewhat like vines. They will need support. A species from Cuba.  Very strong gardenia fragrance.

Very Unique to the Plumeria world! A must for the serious collector.

Single tip $42.95

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Super Pink Plumeria Vera Cruz Rose Plumeria - Rooted Plant - This rare Plumeia is famous for its wonderful rose fragrance. The perfume is exactly that of a traditional red rose and is very strong and can be smelled easily from some distance. Very fast growing. Big clusters of large 3-4 inch Yellow and pink rainbow flowers. Keeping quality of flowers is very good and the fragrance is very strong.

Single tip $38.00

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Vishnu Gold Plumeria Vishnu Gold Plumeria - Rooted Plant -

This is by far the worlds biggest Plumeria flower with some flowers noted at 6 – 8” across on mature trees. Named after the Indian deity goddess Vishnu. The flowers never fully open and stay in a chalice shape. They resemble a white and gold tulip Strong perfume of peaches. This is a very rare and hard to find import. When forced open the flower can reach over 8”.  A very strong grower

A rare new import. Limited stock. Single tip $52.00

Sale Price $45.00

Sold Out

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Hi, Good first season here in Ohio with my trees. One got to bloom a bit before the cooler weather. The other two look great! They were easy to grow!! Your directions were easy to follow for success. Thanks again for providing such great plants and such EASY directions! Becky in Ohio.

Just a note to let you know how happy I am with my purchase. Your Plumeria are the best that I have ever purchased. I am so sorry that I did not know about you sooner. I will ONLY be buying from your wonderful company. I just wanted you to know that you have an absolutely delighted customer in California! I can't thank you enough! Warm regards, Robyn

Aloha: I received the two boxes whit my order today. They were in great shape when they arrived and are already planted. I've ordered from other places and they have never arrived in such great shape. They look like they weren't even in the box overnight. I'm sure some of the leaves will fall off in a day or two, but the roots are well established and I can't wait to see the blooms in a year or so. I have grown Plumeria that I've brought back from Hawaii for many years and I love the plants. I will certainly order from you again in the future. I've attached a few pictures of the ones I have blooming now. Cheryl 
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